Fine Art Services




ART Handling & Installation Services

Our art handlers have an intuitive understanding of the nuances that define their industry. They are proficient, trained to the strictest standards and well-versed in the most advanced principles of art handling and installation.


G4Si Fine Art is the preferred partner for auctions, events and exhibitions where time critical solutions are essential to success and where reputation is everything.

TRANSPORT & insurance 

We understand the vulnerability of art in transit and work closely with each client to identify individual transportation challenges.
We are G4Si. This means that we have one of the largest and most heavily secured networks of air, land and sea support in the world.

BESPOKE Packing & Casing

We maintain that the moving and packing of artworks and collectibles is an artform in itself,  executed by our exceptional team of fine art handlers. Our technicians assess each object in detail, before crafting soft-packing and casing systems to address the individual requirements of each piece. 


Our clients have access to leading fine art services including: insurance cover, customs bonded facilities, packing workshops, bespoke racking and storage solutions, a photography area, and viewing rooms to ensure seamless management of valuable collections.