G4Si's sweeping Hong Kong fine art storage facility reflects Asia's increasing presence in the art world   

The vast 26,000 sqft, industry leading warehouse covers all bases with a central location, state-of-the-art technology
and security, as well as a team of art handlers that uphold industry leading standards.

The Chinese art market has evolved from one that was once steeped in tradition and celebrated for its antiquities to a powerhouse that now encompasses both regional and global offerings that span the past and present. A place of rapid and unprecedented transformation, the county’s new generation of art buyers purchase Western masters and leading contemporary names with gusto while new government initiatives promote creativity amongst a new generation of emerging artists and have seen a wave of new cultural institutions opening up at an exponential rate.

In line with this demand, Hong Kong, which is carving out a name for itself as an artworld supercity, entered into the 2019 art fair season boasting the region’s newest and most advanced fine art storage facility. G4Si Fine Art, the preferred logistics partner for Art Basel and Art Central, debuted its 26,000 sqft (2,600 sqm) industry leading, state-of-the-art warehousing to coincide with the influx of shipments arriving to be showcased during one of the busiest weeks for the art world internationally.
“Art is a continually developing and pioneering medium, and the infrastructure that supports it must also take bold steps to stay ahead of the market’s demand for increasing volumes.” explains Zohra Azi, General Manager of G4Si Fine Art in Asia.  “When you couple this with our mission to continually improve upon the service we offer our clients, the establishment of a much larger facility for Hong Kong was the natural next step for us.  The city is now the Asian hub for G4Si Fine Art from which we service and support both regional and international galleries, fairs, museums, collectors and event organisers.  And being a truly international company, we are able to personally look after most clients at both ends of the shipping chain, something which provides them with tremendous peace of mind.”

Conveniently situated in the Port of Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest freight hubs, the G4Si Art Vault accommodates the varying demands of art, design, antiques and supporting materials. The facility’s adaptive design takes into account the harsh atmospheric fluctuations that Hong Kong regularly experiences, maintaining the contents at their optimum temperature and humidity levels. In parallel, G4Si’s fleet provides equal reassurance with climate-controlled security vehicles offering seamless custodial service from door-to-door. 

With the understanding that experience, execution and expertise are just as important as hardware, G4Si’s dedicated full-time team of art handlers are some of the most highly skilled in the industry. The team benefits from advanced training programmes and initiatives that have resulted in industry leading levels of employee retention and unmatched professionalism. Indeed, it’s unusual in an industry the size of fine art logistics to be able to develop and maintain quality control standards that meet internationally recognised levels yet G4Si has the advantage of being a part of G4S PLC group. As such G4Si Fine Art has access to systems and procedures that uphold some of the world’s most stringent quality assurance standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001.  Additionally, the company’s listing on the London Stock Exchange (GFS) means that governance, ethics, anti-bribery, and AML procedures are an important cornerstone of our business practices.

G4Si Fine Art continues to grow in-line with the increasingly globalised needs of the art market having established itself within the key hubs including London, New York, Dubai, and Shanghai. The opening of the new Hong Kong facility ensures fluid transition between the East and West, but also places G4Si at the centre of one of the most dynamic regional markets in the art world today.