A photo of a mans back wearing G4S uniform instructing his colleagues as they straighten up fine art to a wall.

Fine Art

The artworks we protect have priceless cultural and social significance, which is at the core of the personalized and dedicated service we provide.

care, efficiency and expertise

Our teams are trained to anticipate risk and implement skillfull solutions with care and efficiency.

We are in a unique position to leverage our global G4S contacts, to ensure the most efficient and secure transit available anywhere.

Fine Art

each shipment is a unique nail-to-nail project

Fine art transport

Dedicated Fine Art trucks which are specially designed to accommodate the unique needs and challenges of Fine Art transit

packing and handling fine art

No two Fine Art shipments are the same. Our skilled carpenters build crafting systems to address the unique risks of each individual piece in your shipment

Full and comprehensive consultation service with each client to build a dedicated process for each project

Nail-to-nail service including specialist teams to ensure that all packing, handling and onsite installation are completed to your specific requirements

storage and vaulting solutions

Bespoke shelving systems are built and designed for each client's individual needs, to ensure the most secure and low-impact experience possible for your artwork

Electronically monitored and minimally fluctuating climate control is standard in all facilities.  Temperate is held between 18 and 24 degrees celsius and relative humidity kept between 40 and 60 percent

who do we serve

globally recognized museums and institutions

We serve some of the most recognizable museums and institutions throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We provide expert packing solutions to meet museum standards and to maintain the security of sensitive cultural artifact transportation.

established international galleries

We deliver a premium service to many high profile global galleries. Whether they require inter-gallery transfers, exhibition installations, transport to art fairs or post-purchase shipments we are there to assist.

international and local auction houses

We provide the highest quality of service to major auction houses throughout almost all of their global selling sites. We are able to maintain a full auction service, including all presale transportation, international travelling exhibitions, inter-site transfers/shuttles, auction handling, exhibition installations, offsite storage and post-sale delivery.

private high profile clientele

We provide a tailor-made service, configured to the needs of each client we assist. To achieve this we regularly visit clients to determine their needs and specific requirements. This enables us to provide a service that is seamless from start to finish, whether our clients require an individual shipment, various storage options, unrivaled insurance options or even a private viewing space to view their works. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best service available within our industry.

worldwide fine art fairs

We are an established service provider for major fine art fairs around the globe, with a strong presence in London, Middle Eastern and Hong Kong shows. We are able to provide a fully comprehensive service to include long term storage of artworks, transportation to art fairs, installation of works onsite and post-exhibition delivery.

exclusive online galleries and auctions

We deliver a highly adaptable solution to support the growing demand for internet art sales businesses. We have a large portfolio of clients throughout the world for whom supply quick and efficient solutions to getting purchasers their works. We recognize that online purchases may sometimes require a lower cost shipping solution which we provide without compromising service delivery or putting any artwork at risk. We also offer storage for these clients to ensure that their inventory is stored securely and to the highest standard.

art central hong kong

G4Si Fine Art are delighted to be appointed as the preferred logistics provider for Art Central Hong Kong.


Fine Art Transport