Risk Committee

In 2016, the Risk Committee continued to oversee managements’ ongoing work to improve the quality of risk management across the Group.

Paul Spence

roles and responsibilities

  • Advise the board on Group’s overall risk appetite and tolerance
  • Oversee the company’s risk management framework and review its effectiveness
  • Review major contracts and projects

Committee membership and attendance during 2016

   Meetings attended
Paul Spence (Chairman)  7 of 7
Ashley Almanza  7 of 7
John Connolly  7 of 7
Himanshu Raja  6 of 7
Tim Weller  7 of 7

1. Himanshu Raja retired from the Risk Committee in October 2016. Other regular attendees include the group director of risk and internal audit.

Four scheduled committee meetings and a number of additional meetings and calls were held during the year ended 31 December 2016.

Main activities of the Risk Committee during the year (%)


risk committee


The Risk Committee advises the board on the Group’s overall risk appetite, reviews and approves the Group’s risk management strategy, advises the Audit Committee and the board on risk exposures and reviews the level of risk within the Group.

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The board oversees the Group’s overall governance framework, reviews and approves the strategy, monitors managements’ performance against agreed targets and ensures appropriate controls are in place and operating effectively.

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Our governance structure is designed to enable the board to discharge its responsibilities.