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Our unrivalled combination of expertise, strength and experience makes G4S International Logistics the preferred secure logistics provider.

We service commercial banks, precious metals, mines, refiners, central banks, governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers and major corporations with valuable cargo shipping requirements.

Our clients rely on us to protect their commercial and reputational risk across complex supply chain and distribution networks, and we deliver every day. Our security and risk management processes are constantly scrutinised and refined to adapt to evolving threats to meet the unique requirements of our clients. With a multi-decade history of success, we’ve earned our reputation as an innovative leader and a valuable partner for your secure logistics needs.

precious metals

We can pick up raw or processed precious metals from mine sites across the world, no matter how remote.  We provide logistics and storage services for platinum, silver and gold bullion and dore, platinum group metals, as well as gold and silver coins and blanks.

gold coins

security printed items

Components - we can arrange the logistics of watermarked banknote paper, holograms, as well as high security substrates and inks.

Finished products - our services cover wholesale banknotes, credit cards, vouchers, postage stamps, certificates and travellers cheques.

Government documents - whether you're transporting tax stamps, visas or passports, we know how to manage the logistics of their journey while ensuring their safety throughout.

Pharmaceuticals - from delivering raw materials to manufacturers to providing the finished product to suppliers, we know what counts when delivering pharmaceutical products.

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Our global vaulting capability provides secure storage locations for gold and silver bullion, platinum group metals, jewellery and other commodities traded on the market. With market leading vaulting facilities around the world, we can securely store your commodities and meet the most demanding storage needs.
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what we can do for you

We know that secure logistics involves much more than getting goods from one location to another.

shipper-agent terms and conditions

Rest assured that our shipper-agent terms and conditions are readily available for your reference.